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Identifying Nutritional Needs

Understanding Your Body's Signals with BiofeedbackWe use biofeedback tools in order to help patients understand symptoms and find specific nutrition recommendations that will fill the “gaps” in their nutritional needs. Biofeedback helps prioritize each patients individual nutritional needs. Most patients come into our office taking some form of nutrition or vitamin supplement. Many times, the vitamins that patients believe they should be taking are, in fact, not the correct supplement for their needs. This results in the patient telling us that they are not feeling any benefits, despite taking their “daily dose” of vitamins! The body will accept only what it needs out of those supplements and disregard the rest, eliminating them from the system. If the nutrition that you are taking is not what your body needs, you will ultimately end up wasting your time and money on those supplements. Most of the vitamin supplements that you find in stores are not very potent and you will not see physiological change without higher dosages.

We do not recommend that anyone starts a nutritional regimen without first seeking the advice of a qualified professional.

Understanding Your Body's Signals with Biofeedback article

Bio Feedback article continued
Bio Feedback article continued

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