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Yoga Instructor

Emily Evans

Emily Evans : Bradley Method Instructor

I graduated in 2001 with a Masters Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Columbia College in Chicago and have worked in the field of mental health and chemical dependency for over 14 years. My experience and training as a movement therapist helped me realize that I did not want to be numb (physically or emotionally!) to the experience of having my baby.

I am a fully affiliated Bradley Method® instructor and have been teaching since 2009. Since that time, Jeff and I have had the joy of experiencing two amazing natural hospital births, both with a midwife and a MD at Waccamaw Community Hospital. My teaching style engages class participants with humor, story-telling, and hands-on participation so that couples are able to learn valuable, key pieces of information in order to anticipate and plan for a natural, joyful birth experience.

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