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Murrells Inlet Chiropractor : Dr. John B. Evans

 Murrells Inlet Chiropractor, Dr. John B. Evans

Dr. John B. Evans

I believe the greatest healer you will ever know is in the mirror. My goal as a doctor of chiropractic and as a holistic practitioner is to help you restore your health, but more importantly to teach you ways to maintain it.

I personally began chiropractic care around the age of 13 (I wish it had been sooner). I suffered from migraine headaches that began about age 9. My father had begun chiropractic care for a gallbladder condition and after seeing the benefits he asked his doctor (Dr. Wayne Gore) if he thought he could help me with my headaches. Long story short, it worked so well that I later decided to become a chiropractor myself. I also was able to easily convince my brother Jeff to do the same, thus ensuring I could get adjusted myself.

I did my undergraduate studies at Murray State in Murray Kentucky and went on to Life University in Marietta Georgia where I received my doctorate of chiropractic. I chose Life University for its philosophy of the innate healing abilities of the human body and for the exceptional clinical experience. These things above all are what make a good chiropractor, knowing when, where and why to adjust, and actually being able to physically perform the spinal adjustment in a safe and effective manor. Next is the willingness to educate his/her patients. The definition of doctor is teacher. I have a passion for empowering people with the knowledge to prevent illness and injury due to Physical, Chemical or Emotional Stress. Dr. Gore has been keeping my parents healthy for close to 30 years now and I fully attribute this to his ability to educate on the importance of maintaining a healthy spine, proper nutrition and most importantly faith and a positive mental attitude. It is my goal to follow in his footsteps and do the same for my patients and my community.

Outside of the office you will usually find me at the beach reading or listening to something motivational. I love the water! I exercise 3-4 times a week (Thank God my brother’s a chiropractor!) and I like to golf. Other interests include reading, writing and community service. I have served on board of directors for the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce and for the past 5 years I have been on the board of directors for “Service Over Self”, helping the youth of Georgetown County gain self esteem and stay out of trouble by teaching the benefits of community service. I am also an active member of Pawleys Island Masonic Lodge 409.

If you are looking for a friendly healing environment and a group of doctors who care and who are willing to teach you (not just treat you) please call our office our just stop in. Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you and learning how we may be of service to you. If you have questions for me, or if I can help you in anyway, you can email me with the link below.

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