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What Makes Our Office Different?

Model spine.

By adjusting your spine, our practice is focused on balancing your nervous system.

By now you know that chiropractic care is different from medical treatment.  This difference goes beyond focusing on natural healing rather than using drugs and surgery to help you relieve pain.

At our practice, the focus remains on maintaining the integrity of your nervous system. How do we do it?

We look at you as an individual.

While medicine is interested in the symptom the person is having, chiropractic is interested in the seeing the person first and the care is then based on your individual needs.

Another difference? Chiropractic doesn’t treat your symptoms.

Of course, patients happily report that their symptoms often lessen or disappear with chiropractic care, but that’s not the intent of chiropractic care.

Instead, our objective is to reduce the underlying cause of your symptoms. As the cause is reduced, your body no longer needs to sound alarm bells and you begin to feel better.

That’s a big difference.

This difference has allowed chiropractic to thrive along with medicine as a separate and distinct healing art.

None of us want to live in a world without medical doctors, necessary drugs, or lifesaving surgery.  However, medicine has its own purpose, intent and outcome.  Chiropractic does too—that’s why they’re different.  Our doctors are experienced and will not hesitate to refer you to another medical provider if they feel it necessary.  Our doctors will help you narrow down all of your options and YOU choose what works best for your individual situation.

If it’s been a while since your last visit, we’d love to see you in our practice soon.

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